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                     is a high value creator of websites and digital content
for small businesses.

About Us


Trellium specializes in delivering custom website solutions to small businesses, or corporate departments. Our team has 40 years of the skill and expertise needed to design, develop and maintain websites that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual customer. With a wide range of services, from website design and no-code/low-code development to personalized database tools, mobile apps and AI enhanced content management, we strive to provide the best web-enabled experience for our customers.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers are able to make the most out of their website and mobile apps, and that their business is successful in the long run. We believe that a successful web project is the result of collaboration between our team and our clients, and we work hard to ensure that the end result meets all their' needs. If you're looking for a website that is tailored to your specific business needs, contact us today.

At Work



From the ground up or a refresh to your existing site we'll listen, gather your needs, present a solution, and then build it for you. All in a reasonable time frame, at a fair price and a site that will meet your business needs and you'll be proud of.


If you have an internal website, and you have an internal team that builds your site we can provide design consulting, project management, and content integration services. Through the design of user-friendly and visually appealing websites and maximizing your customer's experience with solutions that drive results weusiness.'ll be next to you providing service and support that's tight for your business.


There are so many amazing new tools that extend the capabilities of your website and information systems. Tools that can enhance sales, build client relationships, and create business awareness. Which are the best for your business? We'll work with you to choose the best tools and then integrate them into your new, powerful information platform.


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