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Just getting started with A.I.?

Trellium will help you select the best A.I. tools for your business, integrate them into your workflow, and teach you how to use them.

All of a sudden it's real and in the hands of all of us. So which of these amazing new tools can be used to assist in solving business problems and accelerate your business.

Categorically AI tools can assist in the following areas:
Office AI_edited.jpg
  1. A.I. Education - Let us teach you how you can use AI in your business

  2. A.I. Prompt Engineering - We can show you how to get an A.I. to do what you want it to do.

  3. Agents and Assistants

  4. Audio: True human quality using your own voice or others.

  5. Chatbots for customer support, diagnosing, conversation and entertainment.

  6. Design and Development

  7. Health & Wellness

  8. HR: CV Review, Interview Assistant

  9. Images Creation, Imaging, Image to text conversion

  10. Marketing: Social, SEO, Brand Creation

  11. Media Conversions (Video-to-Text, Text-to-Audio, Text-to-Image, etc.)

  12. Search & Reference

  13. Tech Tools and Programming

  14. Video: Enhanced videos and video presentations. Editing and creation tools

  15. Writing: Books, Ad Copy, Scripts, Stories, etc.  If it can be written it can be enhanced with A.I..

  16. Cross App Integration for new uses.

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